CGS and MKS Systems

What are Systems of Units

MKS is measuring length in meters, mass in kg, and time in seconds. CGS stands for centimeters gram second. SI system is the main top level system. CGS and MKS systems are one level bellow the SI system. For example, you are living in Indonesia and your friend lives in Arabia. In Indonesia, one piece of tape’s length is as big as you palm. But in Arabia one piece of tape’s length is from your elbow to middle finger. You say to your friend, “Use one piece of tape for this project.” You expect him to use a piece of tape as big as a palm but, he uses a piece of tape as big as a cubit (The distance from the elbow to the middle finger). SI system prevents this confusion. It has a specific term for measuring, for example meter (m).

There are three systems altogether. But we usually use two of them in aeromodeling.


The Units of Measurement

Other units of length are centimeter, millimeter, micrometer, and Kilometer.

Other units of mass are gram, ton, pound, and milligram.

Other units of time are minute and hour.

Other units of electric current are volt, watt, milliampere hour, and ohm.

Other units of Temperature are celsius and fahrenheit.

Unit of Amount of substance is mole.

Unit of luminous intensity is candela.

Electric CurrentAmpereA
Temperature ThermodynamicKelvinK
Amount of SubstanceMolemol
Luminous IntensityCandelacd